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Health Benefits Of Walnuts

Why are walnuts so good for us?

Top Health Benefits Of Almonds

Learn more about these amazing nuts.

Simple Healthy Swaps

Get to a fitter, healthier you with our simple healthy swaps.

Transform Your Christmas Leftovers

Don't waste your Christmas bits & bobs - make new lovely meals and treats!

Twelve Foods Your Heart Will Love

These twelve foods are brilliant for keeping your heart healthy for longer - and tasty too!

10 Surprising Uses for Coconut Oil

Ten amazing ways to use this superfood!

An Introduction To Fermented Foods

A introduction into our finest fermented foods!

Five Natural Travel Essentials

Five ingredients you should pack in your luggage.

Low Carb Recipes

Low carb, maximum flavour.

Healthy Lunchboxes For Kids

Healthy and entertaining lunchboxes that kids will want to eat!

Power bowl Inspiration

Ten awesome power bowls that everyone should know.

How To Use Hazelnuts

So many uses for this tiny nut!

Autumn Dinner Inspiration

Stay cozy this Autumn with our warming recipe guide!

Staying Healthy At University

Ten tips on how to stay healthy at university.

Simple Weeknight Suppers

Ten simple weeknight suppers. Minimal cooking time, maximum flavour.

Brazilian & Carnival Food Inspiration

Discover Brazilian cuisine with these traditional recipes.

Guilt-Free Desserts

Indulge your sweet tooth with our range of guilt-free dessert recipes!

How To Use Turmeric

Ten delicious ways to use turmeric!

How To Use Onion Powder

Ten ingenious ways to use onion powder.

How To Make Burgers

Five ways to make home-made burgers.

Sunday Roast Alternatives

Alternative Sunday lunch ideas!

Transform Your Leftovers

Thrifty ideas for transforming your leftover food!

Eight Fun Recipes For Children!

Teach your children the wonders of cooking with our fun and healthy recipes!

Slow Cooker Dinners

Ten slow-cooked visions of deliciousness.

The Great Gluten-Free Bake Off

A delicious range of gluten-free cakes and bakes!

Eating Healthily On A Budget

Eating healthily AND on a budget with our handy tips!

Top 10 Tips To Transform A Curry

How to avoid a curry catastophe...

How To Use Yacon

Yacon is an ancient ingredient that has been re-discovered. It is used as a natural sweetener.

Store Cupboard Suppers

Eleven tasty recipes that can be whipped up using ingredients from your food cupboard!

A Healthy Supplies Guide to Miso

Tips and recipes on how to use miso!

A Healthy Supplies Guide To Maca

A helpful guide to this amazing superfood!

How To Use Lentils

Ten delicious ways to enjoy lentils!

How To Use Peanut Butter

Ten ways to use peanut butter!

How To Use Millet

Eight delicious ways to use millet!

Convincing Meat Alternatives

Try these satisfying, chunky, meat-free-but meaty meal ideas!

Ten Ways To Use Cacao Powder

How to use cacao powder!

How to Use Baking Aids

We give you the low down on how to use baking aids.

How To Use Matcha Powder

Ten amazing recipes that use matcha green tea powder!

Healthy Supplies Flour Guide

A guide to our popular flours!

How To Use Dried Fruit

A great guide on how to use dried fruit!

Ten Ways to Eat More Vegetables!

Lots of lovely recipes that help you incorporate more vegetables into your diet!

How To Use Nut Powders

12 delicious nut powder recipes!

Gluten-Free Cakes

Ten lovely recipes for gluten-free cakes!

Raw Desserts

Amazing puddings that require no cooking!

How To Use Seaweed

Ten different recipes showing you how to use seaweed!

Quinoa Desserts

A guide on how to make quinoa desserts!

A Guide to Gluten-Free Flour

Eight recipes showing you different ways to use gluten-free flours!

Flaxseed Facts!

Interesting facts about flaxseed!

Super Seed Inspiration

Lots of great suggestions on how to use seeds!

Vegan Lunch Inspiration

Lots of inspiration for vegan lunches!

Ten Ways To Use Flaxseed

Lots of lovely recipes containing flaxseeds!

Quinoa Breakfast Recipes

Ten delicious ways to eat quinoa for breakfast!

Meat-Free Monday

Ten recipes inspiring you to eat less meat!

Summer Recipe Inspiration

Ten delicious recipes - perfect for summer!

Quinoa Dinner Ideas

Lots of delicious quinoa dinner recipes!

Ten Ways To Use Amaranth

An array of amaranth recipes!

BBQ Inspiration

Eleven recipes to inspire you to break out your barbeque!

How To Use Pulses!

Ten recipes inspiring you to use more pulses!

Ten Healthy Snack Ideas

A range of tasty snacks that will help you banish the crisps and chocolates!

How To Use Goji Berries

Ten different ways to use Goji berries!

How To Use Quinoa

Ten delicious ways to use quinoa!

Seven Ways To Use Spelt

This ancient grain can be used in a variety of ways! Check out our recipes on how to use it!

Ten Ways To Use Teff

How to use this traditional African grain.

How To Use Hemp

Hemp is marvellous! Check out our top ten tips for how to use it!

10 Grain-Free Recipes That Seem Surprisingly Normal!

Including almond and date brownies, flaxseed bread, lemon and poppy seed pancakes and almond and tapioca pizza.

Seven Day Breakfast Planner

Seven day's worth of breakfast recipes to help you start your day the right way!

Seven Day Dinner Planner

A week's worth of dinner recipes to help you kick start your healthy eating regime!

Ten Ways To Use Vanilla Powder

Inspiration on how to use our amazing vanilla powder!

How To Use Chestnuts

Five different ways to use Chestnuts!

Five Ways to Enjoy a Healthier Hot Chocolate!

Five healthier hot chocolate recipes!

Five Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Different ways you can use this wonderful oil!

Eight Ways To Use Rice

Eight delicious recipes to inspire you use more rice! Including our Mississippi Mud Pie Cake!

Soup Inspiration

Filling, comforting soup recipes!

Gluten-Free Christmas Baking

Some of our favourite festive gluten-free bakes!

How To Use Desiccated Coconut

Eight recipes using desiccated coconut!

Five Ways To Use Oats

Five great recipes using oats!

Curry Inspiration

Lots of lovely curry recipes!

How To Use Freeze Dried Fruit

Eight Recipes using freeze-dried fruit!

Five Ways To Use Semolina

Five new ways to use semolina!

Vegan Dinner Inspiration

Vegan dinner inspiration!

How to make porridge: 8 different ways

Eight deliciously warming breakfast recipes!

Gluten Free Dinner Inspiration

Ten gluten-free dinner ideas - including our popular beef stew and gluten-free dumplings!

Ten Ways To Use Pumpkin Purée

Ten delicious ways to use pumpkin purée!

Eight Ways To Use Cashews

Including cashew milk, cheese and cheesecake.

Five Ways To Use Figs

Five ways to use figs!

Top Ten Smoothie Recipes

Ten smoothie recipes to inspire you!

Five Ways To Make Dairy Free Milk

Five dairy-free milk recipes!

Ten Ways To Use Dates

Sweet and savoury recipes using dates!

Five Ways To Use Coconut Sugar

Five delicious ways to use coconut sugar!

7 Delicious Coconut Oil Recipes

Here are some of our very favourite Coconut Oil recipes.

10 Recipes to add Porcini Powder to!

How to use this fascinating umami flavouring!

Top Five Noodle Recipes!

Five classic noodle recipes from around the world.

Ten Ways To Eat More Buckwheat

Ten recipes to help you eat more buckwheat!

Ten Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes

Ten fabulous gluten-free breakfast recipes!

Raw Chocolate Inspiration

An array of delicious raw chocolate recipes to inspire the budding chocolatier in you!

Heard of Quinoa? Here are 5 Lesser Known Grains...

Buckwheat, millet, amaranth and more.

Dairy Free Puddings

Ten dairy-free recipes including cheesecake, ice-cream and key lime pie.

Five Unusual Doughs!

Five advanced dough recipes - including gluten-free focaccia!

Five Ways To Use Chia Seeds

Five ways to use chia seeds! Including chia seed jam!

How To Cook Millet

Millet is a versatile grain that works as an alternative to rice or pasta. Here's how to cook it.

How To Cook Quinoa

It's very easy to cook quinoa! Here's how...

How to Cook Rice

Our guide on how to cook rice without having to drain it, and leaving it pleasantly fluffy.

How to Make Gluten-free Bread

Now everyone can enjoy a slice of bread & butter!

Healthy Halloween Treats

All treat and no tricks with our spooky range of healthy snacks!

Flax Seeds: A Quick Guide

How to use our flax seed products.

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