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Olives are the little fruits of the olive tree. They contain a stone, surrounded in the soft flesh of the olive fruit. They are most common in the Mediterranean, but have been grown and traded right across the Med, Middle East and North Africa for centuries.

There are a whole variety of olives all differing in size, colour and (most importantly) flavour. The taste of olives can be described as savoury, salty, bitter and buttery, but the flavour does indeed massively change depending on the variety you're eating. This is also the key to making full bodied, flavoursome olive oils.



Buy 3 or more for £6.89 each
Special Offer: Was: £8.49
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Ideal for sprinkling on top of salads or adding to pasta dishes
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Mouthwatering freeze-dried black olive powder
Buy 3 or more for £2.52 each
Huge, Green Olives
Succulent, unseasoned olives in water. These are the largest, fleshiest green olives we sell.
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Juicy, Big Black Olives
These Kalamata olives are big and soft. They are unseasoned and soaked in water and wine vinegar.
Buy 3 or more for £2.61 each
A Mix of Green & Black Olives
Kalamata, natural black and green olives marinated in lemon juice, wine vinegar and salted water. They are perfect for nibbling at the dinner table.

Minced Olives - Tapenade


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