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Seaweed is popular in Japan and China, but not commonly eaten in the UK. We feel that this is a shame, because seaweed is nutrient-rich, and useful source of minerals, protein and fibre. Seaweed can be added to a variety of meals including soups, stir-fries and stews. It has many amazing properties, which you can discover if you take a look through our pages.

Many people avoid seaweed because they imagine that it will taste fishy. But this is not the case. Seaweeds are all vegetables. There are a diverse range of seaweeds, with a variety of different tastes, just as there are with land-vegetables. Much of this seaweed grows wild in huge abundance in the sea, so it's a great natural food source, requiring no fertilizers.

Wakame Seaweed

Wakame is a very popular seaweed in Japan, and is generally added to soups, stews and stir-fries. It is the seaweed component of many miso soups. Particularly noteworthy are the wakame sprinkle flakes, which are very convenient to use.

Dulse Seaweed

Dulse seaweed grows in the Atlantic, and is often found around Britain and France. It actually works quite well as an accompaniment to many English dishes, as well as being good in stir-fries.

Nori Seaweed

Nori comes in the form of sheets that are used to wrap ingredients such as rice, fish, sushi and bean sprouts. Nori is very versatile, and does not require cooking. It can be the basis for many quick snacks.

Kombu Seaweed

Kombu Seaweed comes in the form of tough strips that soften upon cooking. It's similar to wakame, and is generally added to soups and stews.

Arame Seaweed

Arame seaweed is a bit like cabbage, with its firm crunchiness and mild flavour. It's really easy to cook, and can easily be added right at the end of cooking a meal with very little preparation.

Seaweed Mixes

Seaweed salads that require very little preparation.

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Mara Seaweed

A range of handy seaweed flakes.

Selwyns Seaweed

Delicious seaweed snacks in a variety of tempting flavours.

Itsu Seaweed

Delicious seaweed thins in handy pack sizes.

How To Use Seaweed

Ten recipes to inspire you to use more seaweed!

Home Page  >  Vegetables  >  Seaweed

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Itsu (2)
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Sushi - Recipe (1)
Seaweed (1)
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Nori Wrap with Tofu & Home-Grown Bean Sprouts - Recipe (1)
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