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Nakd Bars

Raw wholefood fruit bars
Nakd bars are made from 100% raw fruit, nuts and other raw ingredients. With no added sugar, they are incredibly healthy snack bars. They are also incredibly tasty, which is why we wholeheartedly recommend these fruit bars.

Deliciously Ella

Delicious energy balls
These all natural snacks are free from dairy, sugar and wrapped in biodegradable packaging!


Healthy and tasty snack bars & more
Loveraw snack bars are packed full of fruit and nuts. wonderfully inventive combinations sure to fit any mood. They're organic, completely natural and free from dairy and gluten.



Raw organic chocolate
Free from refined sugar.

Bounce Balls

Protein and Energy
Made mainly from nuts.


Gluten-free and low in sugar


Low Fodmap Snack Bars

Low FODMAP snacks & Treats

Pulsin' Snacks

Energy and protein
Pulsin' make a range of indulgent and tasty raw snack bars. Many of these bars are ideal for an energy or protein boost as well as a mental pick-me-up.

Frutina Fruit Leathers

100% Fruit Leathers
Traditional fruit leathers, made from nothing but dried fruit.


Raw Chocolate Co Bars

No added sugar
Raw Chocolate Co bars are amazing free from added sugar and sweeteners, free from preservatives and free from dairy products. They have also introduced raw chocolate coated fruit into their range.

Bear Fruit Snacks

Fruit Leathers
Made from dried fruit with no added sugar.

Trek Bars

Slow-release energy
Trek Bars are healthy energy snacks that are largely based on dates and oats.


Wild Thing

Raw, Paleo bars that're vegan and gluten-free.


No added sugar
Diablo offer a lovely no added sugar range of muesli bars, sweets and more!

Primal Spirit Vegan Jerky Strips

Savoury Snack Bars
A delicious array of vegan jerky!


Pearls Samarkand Snack Bars

Cold pressed, raw energy bars
Made from 100% natural ingredients!

All Snack & Energy Balls

Bite-sized protein & snack balls.


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Biona Sweet Treats

Organic sweets with no artificial colours or flavours. Gluten-free, gelatin-free

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Nakd (20)
Booja-Booja (19)
Montezuma's (18)
Vivani (17)
Ombar (16)
Lovechock (12)
Plamil (12)
Biona (12)
Pulsin (11)
Trek (11)
Conscious (10)
Pana Chocolate (9)
The Primal Pantry (9)
Diablo (9)
My Raw Joy (8)
Raw Health (8)
Meridian (8)
Bounce (8)
LoveRaw (7)
Weider Nutrition (7)
iQ Choc (7)
Chocolate and Love (7)
Organix (7)
9BAR (7)
Primal Spirit (6)
PHD Nutrition (6)
iChoc (6)
RAWR (6)
Creative Nature (6)
Protein Ball Co. (6)
Pulsin' (6)
Bear (6)
Organica (5)
Divine (5)
Fit Bites (5)
Siesta (5)
Raw Chocolate Co. (5)
Rhythm 108 (5)
Beond (5)
Whole Earth (4)
Perkier (4)
Cavalier (4)
Frutina (4)
Rude Health (3)
Blanxart (3)
Green & Blacks (3)
Vego (3)
BodyMe (3)
Pearls of Samarkand (3)
Bounce Snack Foods (3)
Wild Thing (2)
Grub (2)
Good Full Stop (2)
Mrs Crimble's (2)
Adonis (2)
FitBites (1)
The Raw Chocolate Co. (1)
Divine Chocolate (1)
Discover Chocolate (1)
Bounce Foods (1)
Organic Food Bar (1)
Aduna (1)
Diablo Sugar Free (1)


Organic (199)
Gluten-Free (194)
Dairy-Free (152)
Vegan (268)

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