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Instant & Quick Cook Ingredients

RRP was: £3.99
RRP was: £3.99
RRP was: £1.79
A tasty blend of white & black quinoa - cooked to perfection!
A tasty blend of white & red quinoa - cooked to perfection!
Tender quinoa, beans and tomatoes in a blend of fiery mexican spices.
Made from 100% Par-cooked Cauliflower. Ready to eat in 3 minutes. Highly convenient, lower carb meal. Ideal for those wanting a filling, meat free meal. Good for weight loss.
Made from antioxidant rich, low-carb fresh Cauliflower with tomatoes, olives, garlic and oregano
Ready in 5 Minutes
Simply pour over boiling water, leave for 5 minutes and serve.
With Buckwheat, Quinoa & Chia Seeds
Ready in just 5 minutes, this gluten-free porridge makes a perfect breakfast.
Brown and Black Wild Rice
In a convenient microwavable pouch, this delicious rice mix can be ready in just 90 seconds.
Red, White & Black Instant Quinoa
Seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Ready to eat hot or cold!
Mildly sweet & nutty
Wheat-free mix with Millet, Green Split Peas & Red Split Lentils.
Source of Magnesium
Long grain brown rice and red quinoa, easy-to-cook mix.
RRP was: £2.99

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Clearspring (6)
Linda Loma (4)
Biona (4)
Sussex Wholefoods (4)
Tuno (3)
Quinola (3)
Caulirice (2)
Fullgreen (2)
Merchant Gourmet (1)


Organic (8)
Gluten-Free (12)
Dairy-Free (5)
Vegan (20)

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