Onion is part of the Allium species of plants which includes chives, spring onion and garlic. Onion is often the first ingredient added to a pan when cooking many savoury meals. It adds a distinct sweet yet tangy flavour and is a popular seasoning in several cuisines including Italian, Spanish, Greek, Middle Eastern and Indian.

The inclusion of onion is important in a lot of recipes, making it a vital cupboard ingredient. We have sourced pure onion products that are quick and easy to cook with.

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Value Bag of Onion Powder
Onion powder offers a subtle onion flavour to many a dish. This powder adds flavour to stock, soups, sauces.
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100% Pure Onion Pieces
Large pieces of dried and chopped white onion. It can be used instead of normal onion and stores for a long time.

Nigella Seeds (Kalonji)

Nigella Seeds are also commonly called Black Onion Seeds or Kalonji Seeds. They are small black seeds which are bitter and peppery in flavour. They are used mostly in Indian cuisine and are an ingredient of naan bread.

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