Although grains are a staple part of our diet, it is perfectly possible to cook without them and still make regular, tasty food. Here is some inspiration – including these almond and date brownies, flaxseed bread, lemon and poppy seed pancakes and almond and tapioca pizza!

Raw Mocha Brownies - Recipe

Brownies made from nuts and dates – including almonds, walnuts, and these incredible Sukkari Dates, which are a cut above the rest! Flavoured with raw cacao powder, maca, vanilla and coffee, and sweetened with a little coconut sugar.

Primal Pizza - Recipe

Made with almond flour and tapioca. The base holds together really well (thanks to the tapioca) and the pizza is crispy and convincing. It tastes exactly like a regular pizza! Ideal for those going gluten-free.

Raw Food Platter - Recipe

Four inspiring recipes including Savoury Kale Nuggets, Pizza Flax Raw Bread, Vegan Herby Cream Cheese and Avocado & Coriander Houmous.

Paleo Pad Thai - Recipe

These noodles are made from courgette and carrot! Cut into thin strips with a standard Julienne slicer, and stir-fried along with Thai spices, coconut milk, nut butter and black sesame seeds. Yum!

Paleo Sandwich Bread (via guiltykitchen.com)

Made from coconut, flax, almond and eggs. The eggs are important because they hold the whole thing together, but you can also use tapioca flour or another binder.

Peach Melba Cheesecake - Recipe

This cheesecake is not made using cheese! Instead, cashew nuts are soaked and pureed. It is really delicious. The base is made from nuts, seeds and dates.

Paleo Brownie Balls Snack - Recipe

They are chocolatey, and made from nuts, seeds, dates and nut butter. No cooking required: 5 minutes to make! (Although you need to refrigerate them for a few hours, for best results).

Sweet Potato Bread (via wholefoodsimply.com)

Bread made from sweet potato, coconut flour and coconut milk. Again, this is held together using eggs, but tapioca (flour) is an acceptable substitute.

Lemon Poppy Seed Paleo Pancakes

Made from almond flour and sunflower seeds, and sweetened with lucuma and a little honey. With poppy seeds.

Coconut and Almond Porridge (via wickedgoodkitchen.com)

Why should porridge always contain oats or some other grain? This porridge is made using desiccated coconut, almond meal and flax. Cooked in almond milk.