Chilli Flakes (Crushed Chillies)

Crushed, dried chilli flesh & seeds
Chilli flakes make a perfect seasoning. They are great for sprinkling on to hot meals such as pizza or for flavouring a meal whilst you cook. There are several bag sizes available, depending on how much of a chilli-user you are.

Chillies Whole

Whole dried chillies - Hot & Extra Hot!
The whole chilli would certainly satisfy the chilli enthusiast. Use whole, or chop them up into any dish to give it an intense flavour and a spicy kick. Fearless chilli lovers will enjoy the little extra hot chillies.

Chilli Powder

Finely ground chilli powder - Hot & Extra Hot!
Depending on your preferences, there's the choice of normal chilli powder and extra hot chilli powder. It can be used in curries, stews, marinades and meat rubs. With a diverse ingredient such as chilli powder, you have the freedom to try out anything, most of the time it'll probably work!

Chilli Sauce, Oil & Paste

Spicy Sauces for Adding Heat to Any Meal
Relish, dips, dressings and seasonings made from medium to hot chillies and peppers. Perfect for barbeque flavours, Oriental sweet chilli dips and Mexican peri peri flavours.

Cayenne Pepper

Red cayenne pepper powder
Cayenne is a type of red chilli pepper. It's fairly hot, though it can be subdued by other flavours in a dish. If you are new to using cayenne, start by adding only a little to your dish. You then have room to add more to taste if you require more heat.

Mexican Chillies

Mexico is renowned for its wide range of chillies. Contrary to popular belief, they are not all searingly hot! They range from the fiery Piquin, through the smoky Chipotle, right to the gentle Cascabel...

Cholula Hot Sauce & Chipotle Sauce

Original hot sauce, cholula and chilli garlic flavours.

Chilli Oil

The type of chilli oil served in Chinese restaurants! Flavoursome and great with stir-fries, meat, vegetables, rice and noodle dishes.

Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco sauce: the normal flavour, plus green tabasco, habanero, chipotle and bigger bottles.

Linghams Chilli Sauces

Mild chilli sauces, as often served in restaurants and cafes.

Chilli Pepper Pete's

Hot chilli sauces and very hot chilli sauces! They are really very hot. Plus harissa paste.

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