Fruit Purees

These fruit purees are 100% fruit, with no artificial preservatives. Stays fresh in the cupboard, and there is no need to refrigerate.

Amazake Wholegrain Desserts

Unique, naturally sweet & creamy pudding-like ingredient
Can be eaten from the jar or used in cooking, baking and even smoothies.

Biscuits & Cakes

Cakes and biscuits made with healthy ingredients.

Pudding Pots

Creamy, soya-based puddings in a range of delicious flavours.

Soya Custard, Organic 525g (Provamel)

Smooth Creamy Vanilla CustardThis soya custard tastes just like traditional custard but is dairy and lactose free. Plus it is very low in calories and fat, contains no added sugar and is a great protein source!

Ice Cream Cones x 12, Gluten Free 45g (Eskal)

Gluten and dairy free, lightly sweet, crispy ice-cream cones.

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Clearspring (11)
Provamel (5)
Biona (5)
Organix (4)
Alpro (1)
Eskal (1)


Organic (21)
Gluten-Free (3)
Dairy-Free (13)
Vegan (17)

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