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All Aromatherapy Essential Oils

 Essential oils contain the active ingredient of a plant in highly concentrated form. In aromatherapy and the world of perfume making each oil has particular characteristics. These oils are highly concentrated and designed for topical use only. We offer a wide range of citrus, shrub & vine oils, herb & spice oils and tree oils.
  • Top Notes – Last around 20 minutes. Immediate, refreshing and revitalising.
  • Middle Notes – Last around an hour or so. Provide balance and harmony.
  • Base Notes – Last several hours. Soothing, relaxing and calming. Sedative effect.

Most Popular Aromatherapy Oils:


Essential Oils A-Z:

Choose from single oils and beautiful blends. Most are best mixed with a carrier oil for use on the body. The oils can also be used to scent your room in a suitable oil burner or diffuser.

Specialised Blends:


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