Thickening & Setting Agents

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Use to bind gluten-free bread and cakes • Use with rice flour, buckwheat flour and others • Also used to thicken dairy-free ice cream and other desserts.
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Vegetarian alternative to gelatine • For making jellies and other desserts • Does not affect flavour • Made from natural seaweed extract.
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Clear Setting Vegetarian Gelatine • For making desserts and jellies • Use 1 teaspoon to set a pint of liquid • Does not affect flavour • Made from seaweed.
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Thicken Custard and Savoury Sauces
Large bag of this versatile thickener.
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  • High quality organic thickening agent.
  • Made from Japanese plant roots.
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Thicken sauces and mixtures with cornstarch (aka: Corn starch)
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Sweet, starchy flour
  • Adds "spring" to gluten free baked foods.
  • Thickens custard and sauces.
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Natural enzyme for Veggie Cheese Making
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  • Apple Pectin Extract.
  • Used normally to thicken jams, marmalade and jellies.

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Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a natural way to thicken drinks and desserts. They form a gel in water and can be used in a number of recipes including chocolate mousse and bread!

Thickening & Gelling Agents

Ingredients for making jellies and other desserts.

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  • A clear, tasteless thickener.
  • Suitable for sauces, soups and syrups.
  • Also good in custard, blancmange and jellies.

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