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Food Cupboard

Cupboard staples, tins and 'free-from' alternatives.


Flour, raising agents and ingredients.

Breakfast Cereals

Muesli, Granola & Gluten-Free Options.

Biscuits, Cakes & Confectionery

Healthier & 'free-from' biscuits, cakes & sweets.

Cacao, Cocoa & Carob

Huge packs, high quality cacao & cocoa.


Raw, dairy-free & vegan chocolate available.


Huge range of coconut in many different forms.

Cous Cous

Wholegrain, giant and cous cous alternatives.


Huge range of potato, vegetable and fruit crisps.


Unusual ingredients and antipasti.


Juices, milk alternatives, tea, coffee & more.


Many different types of flour and flour blends.

Gravy & Stock

Meat, vegetarian & low salt gravies & stocks.

Herbs & Spices

Huge range of herbs & spices from around the world.

Meat Alternatives

Tofu, seitan, soya and more.


Miso pastes and soups.


Oriental noodles for every dish.


Unusual oils for cooking, frying and drizzling.

Oriental Ingredients

Everything you need to create oriental dishes.


Wholegrain, gluten-free pasta and more.


Dried, tinned and hard to find beans!

Ready Meals

Healthier quick snacks and lunches.


Rice in many different colours and forms.

Salt & Pepper

Different types of salt and pepper.

Sauces, Condiments & Dips

Massive range of table sauces, cooking sauces, dips & more!

Crispbreads, Crackers & Biscuits

Perfect for topping, spreading and dipping.

Savoury Snacks

Savoury snacks and bars.

Snack Bars

Huge range of healthy snack bars for all dietary needs.


Healthier soups with less salt.


Natural and organic spices.

Spreads & Honey

Huge range of nut butters, seed spreads, honey and more.

Sprinkles & Toppings

Vegan cheese, breadcrumbs and toppings.

Sugar & Sugar Alternatives

Huge range of natural sugar alternatives.


Tapioca pearls and flour.


Dried and tinned vegetables for easy cooking.


Balsamic vinegars, mirin, rice vinegar and more.

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Clearspring (54)
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Pukka (21)
Clipper (14)
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Fushi (12)
Bulk (12)
Erbology (9)
Kallo (8)
Amy's Kitchen (7)
Mr Organic (7)
NHR (7)
Yogi Tea (6)
Whole Earth (6)
Infinity Foods (6)
Heath & Heather (5)
Rude Health (5)
Equal Exchange (5)
Dr Stuart's (4)
Celestial Seasonings (3)
Dragonfly Tea (3)
Just Wholefoods (3)
King Soba (3)
Free Easy (3)
Maldon Sea Salt (3)
Truffle Hunter (3)
Ecomil (3)
Marigold (3)
Sanchi (3)
Choc Chick (3)
Pukka Tea (2)
Naturita (2)
Profusion (2)
Rebel Kitchen (2)
Granovita (2)
Meridian (2)
Itsu (2)
Sunita (2)
Artisan Grains (2)
Superfoodies (2)
Pearls of Samarkand (2)
Al'Fez (2)
Egyptian Spice (1)
Aztec Spice (1)
Simplee Aloe (1)
Carley's (1)
Geo Organics (1)
Blue Dragon (1)
Peanut Oil (1)
Natures Blends Ltd (1)
Elma (1)
Blue Diamond (1)
Bonsoy (1)
Provamel (1)
EcoMil (1)
Kara (1)
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Oatly (1)
Rice Dream (1)
Lifestream (1)
James White (1)
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Aloe Pura (1)
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UFC (1)
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Tiana (1)
Dr Antonio Martins (1)
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Bobs Red Mill (1)


Organic (241)
Gluten-Free (49)
Dairy-Free (207)
Vegan (266)

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