Caraway Seeds

Caraway Seeds (sometimes referred to as "wild cumin"), are the very tiny dried fruits (that look like seeds) of a member of the parsley family. It is used widely across Europe and in parts of North Africa.


Although caraway comes from the same plant family as cumin, and look almost identical to cumin, caraway seeds do not taste anything like cumin seeds. Their flavour is very intense and refreshing. They taste slightly bitter with a mild hint of aniseed and menthol.


Caraway would work well as a strong sweet & sour ingredient. It is used in Sauerkraut and in Pickles. It is one of the ingredients in the popular Moroccan spice blend Harissa as well!
It works well with warm green beans or potatoes. It can also be mixed into certain breads such as rye bread or sprinkled on to cakes. Roasted caraway seeds can be mixed in with salads or used to accompany strong cheeses.

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Organic dried caraway seeds. Perfect for adding to soups or savoury dishes.
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Organic Caraway Seeds
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