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Extracts & Essences

A range of essential oils, waters and extracts to add natural flavour to confectionery, sauces, puddings, and baked goods.
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Pure Organic Essential Oils for Food Use
Create food with 100% natural flavourings using one of these premium culinary oils. Highly concentrated taste and aroma. These can also be used in traditional aromatherapy applications.
Ginger Essential Oil for culinary use
Use to flavour chocolate.
Sweet Orange Essential Oil for culinary use
Add to cookies, cakes & icing.
Lemon Essential Oil for culinary use
Add flavour to baking and icing.
Lime Essential Oil for culinary use
Peppermint Essential Oil for culinary use
Use to flavour sweet treats & icing.
Rose Otto Essential Oil 5% Blend - suitable for cooking with
Use to make authentic pink Turkish Delight.
Lavender Essential Oil for culinary use
Basil Essential Oil for culinary use
Add a unique flavour to Olive Oil.

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Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract 100ml (Littlepod)

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