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Ice cream recipes


Chocolate & Coconut Ice-Cream Sundae

Dairy-free ice-cream mixed with Mud Pie
A mix of rich chocolate ice-cream and coconut ice-cream. Add chocolate cake or brownie pieces for extra indulgence.

Hazelnut Dairy Free Ice Cream

Hazelnut Ice Cream with a Chocolate Topping
A delicately flavoured, creamy pudding made using pure roasted hazelnut paste and topped with a home made rich chocolate sauce.

Blueberry Ice Cream (Dairy Free)

Fruity Blueberry Ice Cream

This creamy pud is made using pure blueberry powder, soya and rice milk. Fantastic purple colour and wonderful juicy flavour.


Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe (Dairy Free)

Subtle Flavoured Nutty Pistachio Ice Cream

A cool and creamy dessert made with pistachio, vanilla and maple syrup. Delizioso!

Seriously Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream Nests

Classic Flavour Soft-Scoop Ice-cream Dessert

A sophisticated and indulgent dish to share with family and friends. Simple, dairy and egg free recipe made without an ice-cream machine!

Banana Raspberry Ice-Cream Bites

Naturally Pink Dairy Free Ice-cream

Soft Scoop Ice-cream dessert. Fruity and fun!


Banana Ice Cream (Dairy Free)

Super Bananary Ice Cream

Smooth and thick ice cream made with pure banana powder, soya milk and rice milk.

Strawberry & Cherry Ice Lolly

Pure fruit mixed with Coconut Water
A thirst-quenching fruity lolly made with freeze-dried fruit powders.

Blackberry & Raspberry Ice Lolly

Pure fruit mixed with Birch Sap Water
A refreshing and rich fruity lolly made with freeze-dried fruit powders.

Dairy Free Mocha Fudge Ice Cream

Indulgent Coffee-Chocolate Frozen Dessert
Adult ice-cream with dairy-free fudge brownie pieces. Made with coconut milk drink, dates, seeds and nuts!

Superfood Smoothie Bowl

A half-frozen banana-chocolate dessert
The base of this pretty looking bowlful is frozen banana mixed with cacao powder and coconut milk drink. Sprinkle with your favourite healthy fruits, nuts and seeds.

Gingerbread Arctic Roll

A Sweetly Spiced Frozen Dessert
Gluten free gingerbread cake filled with home made dairy-free ice-cream.

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