Matcha Tea

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Matcha Tea is a fine powder that's not infused as with regular tea, but is drunk along with the leaves. As well as traditional matcha tea, matcha powder can be used in smoothies and desserts.


Matcha Powder

Matcha tea powder is used by stirring a quarter-teaspoonful into hot water, and stirring thoroughly. The powder itself is therefore consumed as part of the tea. Matcha is a natural source of caffeine and antioxidants, and the manner of consuming the whole leaf allows for a slow release of nutrients.
Premium Quality Matcha Green Tea Powder
The finest Matcha tea grown organically in Japan, with all of the benefits of green tea, plus more.
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Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder

Matcha Tea Mixes


Matcha Tea Bags

A Refreshing Blend of Organic Green Tea
Includes Sencha leaves and Matcha powder.
Green Tea Blend
Blend of whole Sencha Green Tea Leaves & Ground Leaves (Matcha) Tea.

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Matcha Products

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