Crispbreads and Flatbreads

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Whole Spelt Crunchy Toast

  • A light, crispy-crunchy snack base.
  • Organic & suitable for vegans
Finn Crisp Harvest Slims are a thinner rye-based crispbread, for more delicate moods.
A multi-grain, delicate thin crispbread.
Finn Crisp Original Rye is a wholegrain, thick crispbread, which makes the basis of a hearty and filling snack. You can also break it up and use it as croutons in soup.

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Amisa (8)
Le Pain des Fleurs (4)
Clearspring (4)
Finn Crisp (3)
Mr Organic (2)
Raw Health (1)


Organic (15)
Gluten-Free (6)
Dairy-Free (9)
Vegan (18)

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