Avocado Oil

Brilliant, vibrant, fresh green avocado oil is a beautiful condiment to place on the dinner table.

Avocado oil is smooth to pour and has a distinct avocado aroma. It is a very versatile oil. Even though our avocado oil is cold pressed, they have a high smoke point, lending themselves to both to frying and gentle simmering as well as salad dressing and cold dips.

Avocado oil is packed full of essential omega fatty acids thanks to the cold pressing process which has retained all the goodness and flavour within the avocado.

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A Creamy, Smooth & Versatile Oil
  • Use in cooking, salads, baking, frying & even deep-frying!
  • Un-refined, cold pressed pure oil.
Pure Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Oil
Tasty, healthy choice for drizzling, frying, dipping and roasting!

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