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Pecan Nuts 

Pecan Pieces, Organic 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)

Price: 22.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 21.84 each)
Organic Pecan Pieces. Sweet nuts for baking and cooking.

Pecan Nuts 1kg (Healthy Supplies)

Price: 19.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 18.99 each)
Bulk bag of quality Pecan Halves.

Pecan Nuts, Organic 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)

Price: 26.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 25.64 each)
Excellent-value organic bulk pack.

Pecan Nuts, Organic 500g (Sussex Wholefoods)

Price: 14.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 14.24 each)
500g value pack of organic pecan nuts.

Pecan Halves 250g (Infinity Foods)

Price: 5.49  
(or buy 3 or more for 5.22 each)
Non-organic pecan halves.

Pecan Halves 125g (Just Natural Wholesome)

Price: 3.87  
(or buy 3 or more for 3.68 each)
Handy 125g packet of pecan halves.

Pecan Halves, Organic 250g (Infinity Foods)

Price: 7.49  
(or buy 3 or more for 7.12 each)
Organic Pecan Halves. Contains no additives - just pecans!

Pecan Nuts 500g (Healthy Supplies)

Price: 10.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 10.44 each)
Pecan halves ready-to-eat, bake or cook with.

Pecan Pieces 250g (Just Natural Wholesome)

Price: 3.49  
(or buy 3 or more for 3.32 each)
Ready to eat pecan pieces.

Activated Pecans, Organic 100g (Raw Ecstasy)

Price: 6.29  
(or buy 3 or more for 5.98 each)

Pecan Nut Butter, Organic & Raw 170g (Carley's)

Price: 5.95  
(or buy 3 or more for 5.65 each)
A light, smooth nut butter. Ideal for toast, sauces and dressings. Free from added salt or sugar. This is a raw, gluten free and vegan-friendly product.

Home Page  >  Nuts  >  Pecan Nuts

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