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Puffed Cereals

Puffed wholegrain cereals are a lighter way to enjoy cereal. They can be eaten on their own, or mixed in with fruit, seeds and/or other wholegrains.
Special Offer: Was: £6.49
Special Offer: Was: £9.50
100% Wholegrain Cereal!
    Made just from brown rice, no added salt.
  • Low fat breakfast.
100% Wholesome Oats
  • High in fibre & lowers cholesterol.
  • No added sugar, salt or flavourings.
  • A tasty, simple breakfast cereal.
Tiny little puffed amaranth balls
Gluten free miniature puffs. • A great addition to other cereals or use in baking.
Wholegrain Puffed Spelt Grains
  • A light, healthy cereal.
  • Contains absolutely no additives.
Special offer! Was: £5.34
Whole Puffed Quinoa
A tasty, light cereal base. Eat with milk, fruit, nuts and seeds or add to baking.
Whole Puffed Quinoa
A light cereal or muesli base. Organically grown and traded fairly in Bolivia. Gluten free too!
Puffed spelt drizzled with organic honey.

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