Spelt is a particular type of wheat with characteristic nutritional properties. It is particularly high in protein (generally around 15%) and tends to have lower amounts of gluten than most species of wheat. Spelt wheat was actually farmed for centuries in ancient times and has fallen out of favour recently due to a range of factors, including the fact that more modern wheats have a higher yield. However, some people with wheat allergies find that they can tolerate spelt. This is why this ancient crop, which was unfashionable until recently, has suddenly become a health food.

Spelt has a "heavy" feel to it which some people like, because it is quite a filling wheat. It can be used to make most wheat-based products, particularly pasta and crispbread.

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Whole Grains of Spelt
The outer husk is retained with these organically grown spelt grains Nutty flavour, perfect for stews and risottos • Perfect ingredient for adding fibre and protein to your diet.
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Wholegrain Spelt Flour
  • Spelt is related to wheat and can be used instead of wheat flour.
  • High in protein.
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Whole Spelt Grains
Unique and nutty in flavour.
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Spelt Grains - No Husks!
Pearled spelt is a satisfying addition to stews, soups and salads. They also make a tasty risotto.
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Organic Rolled Spelt

Wholegrain spelt flakes in an economy sized bag. 100% natural, no other added ingredients.

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Wholegrain Flaked Spelt
  • Ideal for muesli, porridge and breads.
  • High in fibre and Iron.
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Wholegrain Puffed Spelt
  • A light, healthy cereal.
  • Contains absolutely no additives.
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Wholegrain, Stoneground Spelt Flour
Milled from British spelt • Good levels of protein & fibre • More complex flavour than white flour.

Spelt Pasta

100% Whole Spelt Pasta
Healthy, hearty wholegrain spaghetti and frusli. These pastas are filling and satisfying. They contain no added salt.
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Spelt Crackers

Crackers & Crispbreads Made From Spelt
  • Delicious with spreads, cheeses and dips.
  • Great for a light lunch or snack.
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Wholegrain organic spelt cakes.
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Spelt flakes with juicy apple and crunchy almond brittle.
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Lightly toasted wholegrain flakes drizzled in honey.
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Crispy clusters of spelt flakes with rice crispies.
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Puffed spelt drizzled with organic honey.

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