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Cereal Flakes


Flaked Cereals A-Z

Healthy breakfast cereals, flakes for muesli and porridge oats.
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Rolled Wholegrain Barley
Barley flakes have a deep, nutty flavour. They make a very satisfying muesli base.
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Special offer! Was: £6.79
Special Offer: Was: £6.75
Special offer! Was: £10.99
Special Offer: Was: £5.95
Large Rolled Oats
100% pure oats, ideal for making flapjacks, biscuits and thick porridge. They also make a nice breakfast cereal or base for muesli.
Special Offer: Was: £5.95
Pure porridge oats - also for muesli
These 100% pure rolled oats are in the form of fine flakes, suitable for porridge-making and muesli. They can also be used to make biscuits and flap-jacks. They are made from the same oats as the jumbo oats, but rolled into smaller flakes.
Special Offer: Was: £6.75
Organic Rolled Brown Rice Flakes
These rice flakes are popular in gluten/wheat free porridge and muesli recipes.
Bulk bag of Rye Flakes
Rye Flakes - for use as a breakfast cereal/muesli base or to mix into breads. Organic.
Special Offer: Was: £4.99
Organic Wholegrain Flaked Spelt
  • Ideal for muesli, porridge and breads.
  • High in fibre and Iron.
Organic, Pure Toasted Wheat Flakes
Delicious, crisp & crunchy.
Special Offer! Was: £2.35
Wheat Bran Flakes with Malt
Without all the sugar that normal bran flakes contain!
No added sugar!
Cornflakes with no added sugar
  • Organic.
  • Made from whole corn, including the nutritious kernel.
Organic, toasted flakes of corn. Gluten free.
Organic toasted cornflakes with maple syrup.
Wholegrain rolled Wheat
Organic wheat flakes for breakfast, baking and crumbles.
Delicious gluten-free flakes with delicious berries.
Lightly toasted wholegrain flakes drizzled in honey.

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