Plain Porridge Oats

Our lowest-priced oat flakes (per kilo)
Our lowest-priced jumbo oats (per kilo)
Special Offer: Was: £5.95
Bulk Pack of Rolled Oats
Special Offer: Was: £5.95
Bulk Pack of Oats
Pure porridge oats - also for muesli
These 100% pure rolled oats are in the form of fine flakes, suitable for porridge-making and muesli. They can also be used to make biscuits and flap-jacks.
Large Rolled Oats
Ideal for making flapjacks, biscuits and thick porridge.
RRP was: £3.49
100% finely milled wholegrain oats, turns any drink into a quick snack.
RRP was: £3.15
Wholegrain Oat Flakes
Organic rolled oats grown in the UK.

Gluten-Free Oats

Pure Gluten Free Rolled Oats
Porridge style, small to medium rolled oats. Made from Oats grown in the UK.
Use for a chunky, rustic porridge.
For a quick hot gluten-free porridge.
Large Gluten-Free Rolled Oats
Oats grown and processed on oat-only farms.
Rolled Porridge Oats
RRP was: £5.49
Sprouted, Gluten-Free and Organic!
Pure oats with diced apple and dusted with cinnamon.
Blend of oats, millet, amaranth & buckwheat. Delicious and nourishing!

Gluten-free Flakes

Special Offer: Was: £6.75
Organic Rolled Brown Rice Flakes
These rice flakes are popular in gluten/wheat free porridge and muesli recipes.

Instant & Flavoured Porridge

RRP was: £4.00

Porridge-like Ingredients

RRP was: £8.27
RRP was: £8.20
RRP was: £8.27
RRP was: £4.26

Ingredients to Add to Porridge


Bran and Wheat Germ

Bran, oatbran & oatgerm to sprinkle onto your porridge.

Raisins, Sultanas & Currants

Fruit to sprinkle onto your porridge.

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