Garlic is one of the most popular ingredients used worldwide, found particularly in Italian, French, Indian, Chinese & Japanese cuisine. It has that recognisable strong flavour that only garlic has, which works well in all kinds of dishes such as; pasta, curry, breads, roast vegetables and dressings.

Garlic Paste

Quick & Convenient Blitzed Garlic
Healthy Supplies offer you both Garlic paste and Garlic & Ginger paste. These handy jars are a great item for your fridge. Made with fresh garlic, the paste can be added quickly to meals without the fiddly peeling, chopping or grating.

Garlic Powder

Ground Garlic for Sprinkling
Garlic powder is essentially dried and ground garlic. It can be used to substitute fresh garlic or garlic paste if you don't have any, however the flavour is quite different and perhaps not as exciting as the real thing. Garlic powder lasts a long time though, so is useful to keep in the cupboard, just in case.

Black Garlic

Black garlic is soft, sweet and dark due to a special aging process. It has similar flavours to balsamic vinegar, treacle and soya sauce.
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Garlic Granules 100g (Hampshire Foods)

Dried Easy To Use Garlic
Pure garlic granules are an ideal cupboard ingredient. They can be added to any meal for that distinct garlic flavour.

Garlic Pepper

Garlic Infused Black Pepper
A simple but clever idea. The garlic adds an extra dimension to the pepper, making it a great seasoning.

Garlic Salt

Garlic Infused Salt
Just like the infused pepper, salt with garlic makes a simple seasoning. In fact, the salt really heightens the garlic's aroma. Perfect for meat rubs and marinades.

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