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Sugar, Sweeteners, Syrups & Honey

Natural, pure plant and fruit sugars

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The natural sap of the Agave plant • Low glycemic index • Use instead of sugar • Light, Dark and granulated.

Cinnamon Blossom Sugar

A fantastic all-natural flavoured sugar • A mixture of cane sugar, coconut sugar and cinnamon blossoms • Use it like brown sugar.

Coconut Sugar

From the coconut palm • Low GI • Lovely flavour • Use it like brown sugar.


Fruit sugar • Low GI • Use in tea or coffee • Granulated or pourable.


A variety of honeys • Includes English honey, manuka honey and honeys from around the world • Great on toast or in desserts.

Icing Sugar

Perfect for making icings and buttercream • Great for dusting and decorating sweet bakes • Dissolves and mixes easily.

Lucuma Powder

A nutritious alternative to table sugar • Milled Lucuma fruit.

Molasses (Blackstrap)

Blackstrap molasses • Full of vitamins and minerals • Used in baking and sweets • Also taken as a supplement.

Maple Sugar

Sweeter and richer than maple syrup. • Ideal for biscuits, crepes, teas and fine flambé desserts.

Muscovado Sugar

A natural whole cane sugar with a unique aroma • The molasses content in organic muscovado is 10-15%.

Dark Muscovado Sugar

100% natural, unrefined cane sugar • A delicious and rich treacle & caramel flavour.

Panela/Rapadura Sugar

100% natural, unrefined whole cane sugar. • A traditional sugar speciality from Colombia.e • The wonderful taste of toffee, caramel, honey and a hint of liquorice.


The popular zero-calorie plant sweetener • Choose from the range.


Includes rice syrup, barley malt syrup, agave, maple syrup and molasses • Used in baking, for spreading on toast, in tea and coffee, or in desserts.


The low-GI natural sweetener • Made from the sap of the birch tree • Tastes like normal sugar.

Yacon Root

A Sweet Peruvian Root Vegetable. This Peruvian speciality is now available again in the UK as pure flakes and syrup.

Guide to sweeteners & syrups

Our handy guide to the alternatives to cane sugar.

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