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Nut Powders


Nut Powders and Nut Flours

Sweet, Soft & Moist
Organic ground almonds are great for puddings and desserts.
Special Offer: Was: 23.50
Bulk bag for regular baking and cake-making
Almond flour made from organically grown, blanched almonds.
Special Offer: Was: 13.95
Value bag of Ground Almonds
Use pastry and cake making.
Gluten-free coconut flour. 1kg bag
  • Suitable for all baking and cooking.
  • Can also be stirred into milkshakes and smoothies.
  • Gluten-Free.
  • Organic.
  • 1kg bulk bag.
Our cheapest ground hazelnuts per kilo!
Organic desiccated coconut. (500g)
Sweet and fragrant little pieces of coconut. Perfect for baking and toppings.
Hazelnuts ground into a powder/flour
  • Use instead of ground almonds.
  • Made from unroasted hazelnuts.
Very finely milled blanched Spanish almonds. Ideal for gluten-free baking. Adds natural protein to your baking and cooking.
Special Offer: Was: 18.50
Special Offer: Was: 34.99
Organic Desiccated Coconut. (1kg)
Sweet and fragrant little pieces of coconut in a large 1kg bag. Perfect for baking and toppings.
Fine Organic Flour, Low GI and Gluten Free
Coconut flour is 100% pure, healthy and gluten free. It is is suitable for bread, cake, biscuit baking with a high fibre count and a natural self raising tendency.

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Vegan (29)

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