Allspice is also known as Pimento (or Pimenta) Seeds or Jamaican Pepper. Despite its name, Allspice is not a mixture of spices. It is the tiny dried fruit of a Mexican plant that is commonly used in Caribbean cuisine.

Flavour & Uses of Allspice

Flavour: Allspice has a flavour resembling lots of other spices including nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, with a slight bitterness. This is why it is popularly known as "allspice" - its flavour is a bit like many spices mixed together.
Uses: The whole allspice fruit is hard and will need grinding first before being added to food. Once ground, the allspice powder is ready to flavour many dishes such as sauces, curries, meat rubs and marinades. Allspice is also suitable for pickling, chutneys, drinks and desserts.

We supply allspice both whole and ground (the whole spice keeps for longer)

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Organic Allspice
High-quality allspice berries for pickling, meat rubs, marinades and Jamaican cuisine.
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Organic Allspice Powder
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