Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives


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Make your own milk alternatives


Homemade Cashew Milk

Homemade cashew nut milk.

Brazil Nut Milk

Homemade brazil nut milk.

Almond Milk

Nut milk - a tasty alternative
Almond milk is simple to make at home. This is a nutritious dairy free liquid suitable for drinks, pouring, cooking and baking. Ideal for those who can't tolerate soya milk.

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Rude Health (16)
Provamel (10)
Minor Figures (9)
Ecomil (6)
Alpro (6)
Rebel Kitchen (5)
Oatly (5)
Plenish (4)
Sproud (2)
Nature's Charm (2)
Blue Diamond (2)
Rice Dream (2)
Borna (2)
Biona (2)
Sussex Wholefoods (2)
Bonsoy (1)
Plamil (1)
EcoMil (1)
Kara (1)
Organic (1)


Organic (48)
Gluten-Free (12)
Dairy-Free (17)
Vegan (35)

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