Quinoa grain is often thought of as an alternative for couscous or rice. But it is such a versatile grain, it can also be used for sweet recipes too! Here we show you examples of how you can enjoy quinoa for breakfast!

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Here are our top quinoa breakfast recipes!

Banana Sultana Granola

This gluten-free Granola uses smooth peanut butter and two types of dried bananas to create a delicious breakfast cereal. There’s protein to be found in the nuts and quinoa; complex carbohydrate in the oats and omega oils contained in the shelled hemp seeds.

Amaranth, Quinoa and Polenta Porridge (via willcookforfriends.com)

Quinoa grain and flakes both make amazing porridge. They are guaranteed gluten-free and so make a great substitution for oats. Here we see a power bowl of amaranth, quinoa and polenta! Guaranteed to keep you going until lunch!

Blueberry, Banana and Quinoa Skillet Cakes (via abetterhappierstsebastian.com)

These skillet cakes combine whole quinoa grain with bananas to make this amazing breakfast dish. They make more substantial, thicker pancakes, than using quinoa flour alone.

Honey Rhubarb Quinoa Cornbread (via edibleperspective.com)

Cornbread is typically made with yellow polenta. But here quinoa flour is used instead with honey and tart rhubarb. The result is a dreamy unison of amazing flavour and textures. A great breakfast to serve to a crowd.

Overnight Vanilla and Almond Quinoa (via simplyquinoa.com)

Overnight porridge is a fantastic breakfast option for those of us with hectic schedules. Add all the ingredients the night before, refrigerate and grab on your way out of the door!

Quinoa Bread (via wendypolisi.com)

This quinoa bread is gluten free and tastes amazing. Enjoy sliced in the morning, or toasted with your favourite toppings.

Quinoa & Blueberry Pancakes (via sixfeetunderblog.com)

What is not to love about a stack of fluffy, blueberry pancakes? Quinoa adds a subtle nutty flavour to this breakfast dish. Enjoy topped with fresh fruit and maple syrup.

Banana Almond Baked Oatmeal Cups (via coffeeandquinoa.com)

These handy, vegan-friendly cups make a great on-the-go breakfast! Bake up a batch on Sunday and enjoy all week!

Savoury Quinoa Waffles (via edibleperspective.com)

Another fantastic brunch recipe! Savoury waffles are fast becoming popular. We love this quinoa based recipe which combines waffles with a herby ricotta sauce.