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Aduki Beans

Aduki Beans are incredibly popular in China and Japan. Although here it's considered a savoury bean like most other beans, in Chinese and Japanese cooking they sweeten the beans and make them into a paste. This paste is then made into elaborate desserts, including Chinese mooncakes and Japanese bean-paste-jelly-bar things that are often eaten as a snack.

In the rest of the world, aduki beans are not as popular, but we feel that this is a shame. Aduki beans are useful in curries, stir-fries, and chilli con carne. They are high in protein (20%), iron and folate. In the UK, they are usually sold in cans, and are therefore a bit mushy, but here you can buy them to cook yourself as you like. They are similar in taste to kidney beans, and the cooking time is similar.

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Cooked, organic aduki beans ~ ready-to-eat.

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