Vegan Green Chilli Dip (via

A spicy vegan cheesy dip which perfect for dipping tortilla chips and vegetable sticks.

Cheese Bread Balls (via

Classic Brazilian appetiser, which can be made with vegan cheese. Uses Tapioca flour, so is naturally gluten-free.

Kale & Mango Salad (via

Mango and kale are both popular ingredients in Brazil. This salad has a sprinkling of pine nuts and is a light and refreshing lunch or side dish.

Feijoada - Black Bean Stew (via

Extremely popular dish in Brazil, often made with Pork or Beef. This is a fantastic vegetarian and vegan version, which will easily satisfy.

Moqueca - Fish Stew (via

Brazilian love their fish stew and this one has the traditional combination of heat from chillies alongside the soothing sweetness of coconut milk. Normally prepared in an oven-proof clay dish.

Brigadeiros (via

A dairy-free and cacao-free version of these Brazilian chocolate truffles, which uses carob powder.

Brazil Nut Cake (via

A simple sponge cake made with Brazil nuts. Swap the cane sugar here for coconut sugar and coconut nectar syrup; and swap the butter for a vegetarian spread.

Quindim (via

A traditional Brazilian baked dessert with coconut. To make this dairy-free, swap in almond milk, coconut milk or other dairy-free milk-style drink.

Pineapple Caipirinhas (via

The Caipirinhas cocktail is probably the most famous Brazilian drink, usually made with limes and cachaça (a fermented sugar-cane liqueur). This version uses pineapple and light rum.

Watermelon Caipirinhas (via

This Caipirinhas cocktail uses fresh watermelon, but you could easily use the pure watermelon water in a carton from “What a Melon”: Watermelon Water.