Essential Oils For Flavouring

NHR Essential Oils are certified both Organic and Food Grade, making them suitable for adding to your cooking and baking. They are highly concentrated and only one or two drops are required to provide 100% natural flavouring to your recipes.

We recommend shaking the essential oil over a teaspoon rather than directly over your cooking bowl, just in case the bottle dropper dispenses more than you need. You can then wipe away any excess you don't need with a paper towel, before stirring in the required amount.

These essential oils can be used in aromatherapy as well as being food grade.

Lavender Essential Oil for culinary use
Lemon Essential Oil for culinary use
Add flavour to baking and icing.
Lime Essential Oil for culinary use
Mandarin Essential Oil for culinary use
Sweet Orange Essential Oil for culinary use
Add to cookies, cakes & icing.
Oregano Essential Oil for culinary use
Perfect flavouring for all types of Olive Oil. Ideal to combine with oil and vinegar for a general purpose salad dressing.
Peppermint Essential Oil for culinary use
Use to flavour sweet treats & icing.
Rose Otto Essential Oil 5% Blend - suitable for cooking with
Use to make authentic pink Turkish Delight.
Ginger Essential Oil for culinary use
Use to flavour chocolate.
Basil Essential Oil for culinary use
Add a unique flavour to Olive Oil.
Bergamot Oil [Citrus Bergamia] for culinary use
Adds the distinctive flavour found in Earl Grey Tea to your drinks and summer puddings.
100% natural, perfect for food flavouring
Fresh, woody, herbaceous aroma.
Organic Sage Oil (Salvia officinalis)
Strong, camphorous and herbaceous aroma.
Star Anise Oil for culinary use
Adds a liquorice type flavour to drinks and sweet cooking.
Pure, Food Grade Caraway Seed Oil
Can be also used in oral care products.
Cinnamon Leaf Oil for culinary use
Reviving and revitalising organic coriander seed oil
Anti-fungal, astringent and antiseptic
Warm, rich balsamic and incense-like aroma

Guide To Culinary Essential Oils

How to use essential oils in your recipes.

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