Parsley is a bright green herb used commonly in European and Middle Eastern cuisine. There are two versions of parsley: Flat leaf and Curly.

Flat Leaf Parsley: Sometimes referred to as French or Italian parsley, Flat-leaf has a darker colour and a stronger flavour. It is popular in Mediterranean and English dishes. The stems are also edible.
Curly Leaf Parsley: Is a bright green colour with a curly, feathered texture. Curly-leaf's fresh flavour is ideal for salads and garnishing. Fresh curly-leaf parsley is high in Vitamins A,B & C, Iron, Magnesium and Chlorophyll.


Parsley has a mild flavour, and is often used to give a subtle taste to food, or to accompany other herbs and spices. Typical meals that incorporate parsley include: Fish & fish sauce, egg mayonnaise, cauliflower cheese, feta cheese and olives, salads, meats such as beef and chicken, warm root vegetables. It is also used with other herbs in soups, stews and gravy. Parsley is also a popular garnish due to its vivid green colour.
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