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Bulk Ingredients 

Bulk ingredients • Upfront prices • 10kg, 20kg and 25kg sacks and boxes

We can now offer our amazing ingredients in bulk! As you can see from our prices, you can save a huge amount of money on bulk quantities.

There is no messing about as with many wholesalers - simply place the order online, and we will deliver it to you! Plus, you still get Free Delivery for orders over 40.

Delivery is usually quick, but this can vary. If you have any queries, please contact us where our dedicated customer service advisors Dominic and Gabriel will be happy to help!


Bulk Ingredients For Bakers

  • Sacks of flour 25kg.
  • Gluten-Free available.

Bulk Ingredients For Chocolatiers

  • Cocoa, cacao and sugar.
  • 25kg sacks.

Nuts in Bulk Quantities

  • Almonds, Peanuts and more.
  • 10kg boxes and 25kg sacks.

Seeds in Bulk Quantities

  • Pumpkin seeds, sunflower, flax and more.
  • 20-25kg sacks.

Dried Fruits in Bulk Quantities

  • Dates, figs, apricots and more.
  • 5kg and 10kg boxes.

Freeze-Dried Fruits in Bulk Quantities

  • Fruit powders.
  • 1kg boxes.
  • Equivalent to 10x weight in fruit.

Grains & Cereals in Bulk Quantities

  • Whole grains, flakes and rice.
  • 25kg sacks.
  • Gluten-Free available.

Pulses in Bulk Quantities

  • Our most popular pulses.
  • 25kg sacks.

Herbs and Spices in Bulk Quantities

  • 1kg packs.
  • Ideal for restaurants and caterers.

Loose Teas in Bulk Quantities

  • 500g and 1kg loose teas.
  • Includes herbal flowers, peppermint.

Superfoods in Bulk Quantities

  • Matcha, spirulina, acai, turmeric and more.
  • 10kg packs as well as 500g.

Home Page  >  Bulk Ingredients


Bulk (175)
Trade (6)


Organic (110)
Dairy-Free (1)
Vegan (2)


Grains & Cereals in Bulk Quantities (33)
Nuts in Bulk Quantities (30)
Dried Fruits in Bulk Quantities (28)
Herbs and Spices in Bulk Quantities (19)
Seeds in Bulk Quantities (18)
Loose Teas in Bulk Quantities (16)
Superfoods in Bulk Quantities (11)
Bulk Ingredients For Chocolatiers (10)
Freeze-Dried Fruits in Bulk Quantities (9)
Bulk Ingredients For Bakers (7)
Pulses in Bulk Quantities (5)
Organic Almonds (4)
Pumpkin Seeds (3)
Cacao Powder (2)
Organic Apricots (2)
Organic Brazil Nuts (1)
Broken Brazil Nuts (1)
Buckwheat Groats (1)
Organic Cashew Nuts (1)
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