Seeds for snacking, baking and general use • Generous pack sizes • Also seed products including spreads, snacks and more...
Pumpkin Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Chia Seeds
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Sesame Seeds
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Mustard Seeds
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Sprouting Seeds

Seeds A-Z

Organic packs, economy packs, kilo value packs. For snacking and using in recipes.

Alfalfa Seeds

For sprouting - Organic and non-organic - Mini-greenhouses available

Chia Seeds

Organic and non-organic - Black and white chia seeds - Excellent nutritional supplement

Flaxseed (Linseed)

Organic and non-organic - Brown and golden flax - Whole and cracked flax - Flax seed powder - Rich in omega-3

Hemp Seeds

Whole and hulled hemp seeds - Organic and non-organic - Hemp powder - High in omega-3 and omega-6

Nigella Seeds

Also known as Black Onion Seeds, Kalonji and sometimes Black Cumin.

Milk Thistle Seeds

Pure milk thistle seeds. Can be eaten whole or ground.

Mustard Seeds

Yellow and brown mustard seeds - Mustard powder - Organic and non-organic

Pomegranate Seeds

Dried pomegranate seeds - Taste just like pomegranate - Ideal for snacking

Poppy Seeds

Blue and white poppy seeds - Organic and non-organic - For baking and garnishing

Pumpkin Seeds

Organic and non-organic - Including Austrian pumpkin seeds - Regular and coated pumpkin seeds - Pumpkin seed oil and butter

Sesame Seeds

White and black sesame seeds - Organic and non-organic - Hulled and whole - Tahini

Sunflower Seeds

Organic and non-organic - Seed mixes - Sunflower oil and spread

Seed Products


Mixed Seeds

A variety of seed mixes, some of them with interesting flavours that are great for kids.

Seed Spreads

Pure and natural organic seed butters. Perfect for spreading on toast and having them on their own for a fantastic boost of protein and amino acids. Additionally, these can be used in cooking and baking too.

Germinating Kits & Seeds for Sprouting

Many seeds, beans and lentils can be left in water to germinate. The little green shoots are edible and very good for you. They can be added to cooking, salads or sandwiches.

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