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Pastry & Pancake Mixes

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Mediterranean Sundried Tomato Nut Roast 200g (Artisan Grains)
Organic Peppermints 75g (Biona)
6 Big Chocolate Macaroons, Gluten-Free 225g (Mrs Crimble's)
Instant Cous Cous, Gluten-Free, Organic 200g (Clearspring)
Clearspring Fruit Puree Apple & Blueberry
Raspberry & Blueberry Rice Cakes, Organic 50g (Organix)
Unblanched Almonds 1kg (Healthy Supplies)
Falafel mix, 120g (Granose)
Veggie Burger Mix, Gluten Free, Organic 140g (Amisa)
Pomegranate Jelly Hearts, Organic 75g (Biona)
Cashew Nut & Cranberry Nut Roast, Gluten Free 200g (Artisan Grains)


Superfood Bakery (1)
Mrs Crimble's (1)
Amisa (1)


Organic (1)
Gluten-Free (2)
Dairy-Free (2)
Vegan (1)

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