Healthy Snacks


Healthy Snacks


Snack Bars

Wide range of snack bars & balls


Lower in sugar
Including vegan bars, raw chocolate, carob and sugar-free options.

Savoury Snacks

For brunch or teatime
Including crisps, popcorn, pretzels, seaweed snacks and much more.

Ready Meals

Instant meals, cans and soups
Instant curries, soups, pasta, quinoa and light lunches.

Nut Butters

Natural nut butters
Including almond butter, peanut, cashew and more.

Spreads & Honey

No preservatives
Jam with no added sugar, nut butters with no added oil.

Breakfast Cereals

Wholegrain cereals
No added sugar. Muesli, cereal and porridge. Gluten-free available.

Fruits, Nuts & Seeds

Bigger bags
Plain fruit, nuts and seeds in large packs for better value.

Herbal Tea & Infusions

Refreshing, invigorating and relaxing teas
Herbal infusions including hibiscus, raspberry leaf, loose flowers and teas for specific conditions.

Drinks (All)

Juices, milks and hot drinks
Pure juices, nut milks, antioxidant drinks, concentrates, teas and caffeine-free coffee alternatives.


An instant light lunch
From soup-in-a-cup to hearty vegetables soups to miso.


For salads and tapas
Green and black olives, stuffed and kalamata.

Crispbread & Crackers

The lighter way to snack
Light crispbreads with wheat-free options.

Biscuits, Cakes & Confectionery

Healthy Bites
Biscuity bites, cakes and sweet treats.


Desserts and Dessert Ingredients
Fruit purees, amazake, soya yoghurt and more.

Most Popular Brands


Nakd Bars

Raw wholefood fruit bars. Nakd bars are made from 100% raw fruit, nuts and other raw ingredients. With no added sugar, they are incredibly healthy snack bars. They are also incredibly tasty, which is why we wholeheartedly recommend these fruit bars.

Selwyns Seaweed

Healthy and tasty seaweed thins. A perfect alternative to crisps.


Healthy and tasty snack bars & more. Loveraw snack bars are packed full of fruit and nuts. wonderfully inventive combinations sure to fit any mood. They're organic, completely natural and free from dairy and gluten.

Eat Real Crisps

Quinoa crisps and chickpea/rice crisps.


Raw organic chocolate. Free from refined sugar.

Bounce Balls

Protein and Energy. Made mainly from nuts.

Low Fodmap Snack Bars

Low FODMAP snacks & Treats

Pulsin' Snacks

Energy and protein. Pulsin' make a range of indulgent and tasty raw snack bars. Many of these bars are ideal for an energy or protein boost as well as a mental pick-me-up.

Frutina Fruit Leathers

100% Fruit Leathers. Traditional fruit leathers, made from nothing but dried fruit.

Raw Chocolate Co

No added sugar. Raw Chocolate Co bars are amazing free from added sugar and sweeteners, free from preservatives and free from dairy products. They have also introduced raw chocolate coated fruit into their range.

Bear Fruit Snacks

Fruit Leathers. Made from dried fruit with no added sugar.

Trek Bars

Slow-release energy. Trek Bars are healthy energy snacks that are largely based on dates and oats.


No added sugar. Diablo offer a lovely no added sugar range of muesli bars, sweets and more!

Primal Spirit Vegan Jerky Strips

Savoury Snack Bars A delicious array of vegan jerky!

Perry Court Farm

Apple & Pear Crisps.

Inspiral Kale Chips

Kale chips in different flavours.


High-protein pea-based crisps.

Amaizin Gluten-Free

Gluten-free corn crisps.

Ten Acre Crisps

Vegan and gluten-free.


Chickpea-based puffs. High in protein, low in calories.

Banana Joe

Five delicious flavours and completely gluten-free.

Fody Low FODMAP Crisps

Suitable for those on the low FODMAP diet.

Sussex Wholefoods Gourmet

Luxury Chocolate Coated Nuts

Conscious Chocolate

Organic chocolate, high in cacao solids. Vegan, raw and free from cane sugar.


Dark, satisfying organic chocolate. Flavours include pure nibs, mulberry, goji berry and pineapple. Raw, organic and vegan.

Pana Chocolate

Delicious Chocolate with no Cane Sugar. Dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. Made with organically grown raw cacao products.

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Eat Real (47)
Sussex Wholefoods (47)
Biona (40)
Meridian (23)
Pukka (20)
Clearspring (18)
Pana Chocolate (14)
Ombar (13)
Clipper (13)
Diablo Sugar Free (12)
Pulsin (11)
Diablo (11)
Carley's (10)
Conscious (9)
Pip & Nut (8)
Lovechock (8)
Whole Earth (8)
Suma (7)
Amy's Kitchen (7)
Fody (7)
Yogi Tea (6)
Hippeas (6)
Raw Chocolate Co. (6)
Protein Ball Co. (6)
Trek (6)
Bear (6)
Bulk (6)
Primal Spirit (5)
Rude Health (5)
Equal Exchange (5)
Heath & Heather (4)
Ten Acre (4)
Frutina (4)
Attis (4)
Dragonfly Tea (3)
Dr Stuart's (3)
Just Wholefoods (3)
King Soba (3)
Gaea (3)
Ecomil (3)
Perry Court Farm (3)
Celestial Seasonings (2)
Pukka Tea (2)
WOWButter (2)
Selwyns (2)
Free Easy (2)
Rebel Kitchen (2)
Elivia (2)
Mr Organic (2)
Lifestream (2)
Hampshire Foods (2)
Sunita (2)
Tiana (2)
Pulsin' (2)
Bounce Snack Foods (2)
Raw Ecstasy (2)
Egyptian Spice (1)
Aztec Spice (1)
Dr.Stuart's (1)
Simplee Aloe (1)
Itsu (1)
Profusion (1)
Carleys (1)
Blue Diamond (1)
Bonsoy (1)
Provamel (1)
EcoMil (1)
Kara (1)
Organic (1)
Oatly (1)
Rice Dream (1)
James White (1)
Cherry Active (1)
Optima (1)
Aloe Pura (1)
Barkat (1)
Fushi (1)
Mrs Crimble's (1)
Amisa (1)
Floradix (1)
Green & Blacks (1)
Prewetts (1)
UFC (1)
Chi (1)
Dr Antonio Martins (1)
BeMindFuel (1)
Bounce (1)
The Foods Of Athenry (1)


Organic (224)
Gluten-Free (123)
Dairy-Free (238)
Vegan (352)

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