Tiger Nuts 

Tigernuts are a sweet nut-like tuber that taste a little like Brazil nuts. They are rich in minerals, fibre and slow-release carbs. They come in two main whole forms: "Skinned" tiger nuts are fully skinned and "peeled" tiger nuts are semi-skinned. You can eat the skin anyway. Tiger nut flour is also available and can be used in many dessert recipes.

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Blanched, Light Tiger Nuts
Still sweet and chewy, with less fibre for those looking for a healthy snack that's easy to eat.
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100% Finely Ground Tiger Nuts
A sweet, naturally gluten-free flour, ideal for baking and adding to sweet recipes. Use as a superfood powder for smoothies, as it mixes easily and the fibre is easy to digest. Tigernut flour can be added to recipes without cooking.
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100% Ground Tiger Nuts
Medium-fine flour, with biscuit-like taste, to use in pastry, cakes and bakes. Can be added to recipes without cooking. Mix with other sweet ingredients to make no-bake energy snacks, or easily add fibre to a breakfast smoothie.
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Selected Skinned Tiger Nuts 250g (Sussex Wholefoods Gourmet)

Semi-skinned Tiger Nuts

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