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Almond Milk

Naturally sweet
A natural milk alternative made from almonds, tapioca and water. Contains no sugar, no wheat, no gluten and is low in cholesterol.
Ready-made Almond Drink
Sweetened almond drink for breakfast, drinks and baking. 24 calories per 100ml.

No added sugar Almond Drink

Only 14 calories per 100ml. A versatile, low calorie non-dairy milk substitute fortified with Calcium. Use in cooking, baking and drinks.
RRP was: £2.75
Creamy, crushed almonds blended with mountain spring water
Free from thickeners, syrups or added sugars.
RRP was: £3.85
Made from Organic Italian Almonds
Roasted and blended with spring water. Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free and free from sugar!
RRP was: £2.99
Powdered Almond Drink
A handy cupboard staple. Make almond drink whenever you need it with no fuss, no mess and no waste! Ideal dairy-free ingredient for confectionery.

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Rude Health (4)
Ecomil (3)
Blue Diamond (2)
Plenish (1)
EcoMil (1)


Organic (9)
Gluten-Free (6)
Dairy-Free (5)
Vegan (8)

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