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Haricot Beans

Haricot beans are small off-white oval beans which cook to a fluffy, creamy consistency inside. These are the beans used in baked beans.
Cooking time: Approximately 1 hour - 1½hours.
White, oval, creamy beans. Ideal for salads, stews, chilli dishes or even homemade baked beans.
These can be added to pates, soups, chilli con carne, salads and other savoury meals. Haricots are a good source of protein and fibre.
Cooked, organic haricot beans ~ ready-to-eat.
Organic Canned Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce
Organic Beans in a rich Tomato Sauce
No cane sugar! Gluten free and a great source of fibre.
Organic baked beans in a rich tomato sauce.

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