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There are two types of chick pea: Yellow and Brown. (Chana Dal is Brown Chickpeas split in half).

Yellow Chickpeas

Yellow chickpeas are the ones most commonly seen in Britain and Europe. As well as being commonly used in cooking, you can also use them to make houmous.

Organic Chickpeas 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)

Price: 3.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 3.79 each)
A generous bag of organically produced chickpeas.

Chickpea Flour, Organic 1kg (Sussex Wholefoods)

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Price: 3.99  
(or buy 3 or more for 3.79 each)
Organic Chickpea Flour in a large family-sized bag. This flour is also known as Gram or Besan.

Chick Peas 1kg (TRS)

Price: 2.49  
(or buy 3 or more for 2.37 each)

Chick Peas 400g, Cooked (TRS)

Price: 0.79  
(or buy 3 or more for 0.75 each)
Basic, cooked chickpeas... Whizz up some last minute houmous!

Chick Peas in Water, Organic 400g (Biona)

Price: 1.29  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.23 each)
Cooked Organic Chick Peas in Water... Convenient for making Falafel.

Chickpea Flour, Organic (Infinity Foods) 500g

Price: 2.79  
(or buy 3 or more for 2.65 each)
Savoury flour, also known as Gram flour or Besan Flour...

Brown Chickpeas

Brown Chick Peas are rougher and have a higher fibre content than yellow chick peas. Known as desi or kala chana in India, brown chickpeas are the ones used to make chana dal. Just to confuse things, the brown chick pea is yellow inside, which means that chana dal is yellow, even though it is made from brown chick peas.

Chana Dal [Split Brown Chickpeas] 500g (TRS)

Price: 1.09  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.04 each)
Chana Dal is made by splitting brown chick peas in half. Chana Dal can be used in a similar way to lentils, and has only a slightly longer cooking time.

Chickpea & Lentil Dahl, Organic 400g (Geo Organics)

Price: 1.80  
(or buy 3 or more for 1.71 each)
A combination of chickpeas and lentils in a mildly aromatic sauce.

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Hummus Chips with Chilli & Lemon 45g (Eat Real)

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Hummus Chips with Creamy Dill 45g (Eat Real)

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Price: 0.69  
(or buy 3 or more for 0.66 each)

Hummus Chips with Sea Salt 45g (Eat Real)

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Hummus Chips with Tomato & Basil 45g (Eat Real)

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Brown Chick Peas 500g (TRS)

This product is temporarily out of stock, but you can try
TRS Chick Peas 1kg

Small, brown but still yellow in the centre. These have a nuttier flavour than regular chickpeas and are high in fibre, protein, phosphorus, calcium & iron. (Perfectly suitable for making hummus).


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