Chocolate Bars & Buttons

Chocolate, including gluten-free and dairy-free options.

Chocolate Truffles

Delicious dark, milk and vegan chocolate truffles.

Chocolate Spreads

Dark, milk and dairy-free chocolate spreads.

Raw Chocolate

Cocoa in its raw state, with the antioxidants and other beneficial flavonoids intact.

Chocolate Cakes & Desserts

Chocolate desserts, brownies, cookies and more...

Hot Chocolate Drinks

Hot chocolate drinks

Boxes of Chocolates

Boxes of truffles and chocolates.

Seasonal Chocolate

Christmas, Easter and other seasonal goodies!

Coated Fruits, Seeds & Nuts

Chocolate & cacao coated fruit, seeds & nuts

Cacao, Cocoa & Carob

Cocoa, carob, cocoa butter and other ingredients for chocolate-making.

Chocolate-Making Ingredients

Ingredients for chocolatiers.

Easter Chocolate

Milk & vegan Easter eggs & treats.

Most Popular Chocolate Brands


Sussex Wholefoods Gourmet

Luxury Chocolate Coated Nuts


Vegan, raw organic chocolates in flavours including coconut, acai and goji berry.

Conscious Chocolate

Organic chocolate, high in cacao solids. Vegan, raw and free from cane sugar.


Dark, satisfying organic chocolate. Flavours include pure nibs, mulberry, goji berry and pineapple. Raw, organic and vegan.

Pana Chocolate

Delicious Chocolate with no Cane Sugar. Dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. Made with organically grown raw cacao products.

Booja Booja

Delightful award-winning gourmet truffle range. Vegan-friendly and completely free from dairy, soya and gluten.


No added sugar! Carob and chocolate bars. Dairy-free.

Raw Chocolate Co.

Dairy-free, raw organic chocolate. Flavours include Vanoffe and Pitch Dark.

Green & Blacks

The popular brand with a high cocoa content.

Blanxart Organic Chocolates

A premium selection of high quality chocolate bars.


Luxury, handmade chocolate bars and snack packs.

My Raw Joy

Scrumptious raw vegan chocolate treats.

Discover Chocolate

Delicious sugar free chocolates.

Chocolate: Most Popular Products

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Sussex Wholefoods (45)
Booja-Booja (16)
Plamil (15)
Pana Chocolate (14)
Montezuma's (14)
Ombar (13)
Biona (13)
Conscious (9)
Lovechock (8)
Love Raw (7)
Divine Chocolate (7)
Bulk (7)
The Lazy Day (6)
Raw Chocolate Co. (6)
Vego (6)
Choc Chick (5)
Diablo Sugar Free (4)
Green & Blacks (4)
Mrs Crimble's (4)
Doves Farm (4)
Mr Organic (3)
Artisan Grains (3)
Kallo (3)
Diablo (3)
Raw Ecstasy (3)
Meridian (2)
Nucao (2)
Divine (2)
Belvas (2)
Superfoodies (2)
Infinity Foods (2)
My Raw Joy (2)
Bonsan (2)
Against The Grain (2)
Orgran (2)
Little Pod (1)
Alpro (1)
Provamel (1)
Carley's (1)
Just Wholefoods (1)
Simpkins (1)
Free Easy (1)
Montezumas Chocolate (1)
Doralife (1)
RAWR (1)
Eskal (1)
Blanxart (1)
Cotswold (1)
Organic (1)
Cocoa Plus (1)
Moo Free (1)
Marigold (1)
Pearls of Samarkand (1)
Detox Your World (1)
The Foods Of Athenry (1)


Organic (159)
Gluten-Free (87)
Dairy-Free (109)
Vegan (162)

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