Pickles & Pickled Ingredients


Relish, Pickles & Chutneys

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A versatile Sweet-Sour Relish
Great for sandwiches, salads and jacket potatoes.
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Truely Tomatoey Condiment
No added salt or cane sugar.

Umeboshi Plums & Puree

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Plums pickled in shiso (perilla) leaves and salt. Chop finely and add to salads, rice dishes, vegetables, dips and sushi.
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Salt-pickled Japanese plum paste. Umeboshi puree has concentrated, tangy flavour. Add to salad dressings, dips and sushi fillings.
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Ume plum seasoning is made using umeboshi pickled plums. It has a fantastic tangy flavour, making it a great vinegar alternative.


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Olives & Marinated Ingredients



Green, black, big, small, stuffed and seasoned - Take a look at our selection of large succulent and full flavoured olives. These are perfect for nibbling before a meal or to have as part of Spanish Tapas or Greek Mezze.
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Capers in oil & vinegar
Use straight from the jar to pep up a tuna pizza or prawn cocktail!
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Distinctive tangy tart taste
Ideal for fish. Can be added to Tartare Sauce.
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Zesty lemons in water and vinegar. Generally added to Middle Eastern/Moroccan dishes such as tagines and cous cous. Also enhances the flavour of dressings and marinades.
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Pickled sushi ginger
Pink coloured ginger - a fresh and tangy sushi accompaniment.
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Pickled Daikon are Japanese White Radish pickled in rice bran. These have a crispy, tangy flavour and can be thinly sliced and added to rice and sushi dishes.
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Pieces of artichoke hearts in brine. Ready-cooked.


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