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Pine Nuts (or Pine Kernels)

Pine nuts for snacking, in salads, in pesto and in other recipes.

Please note that pine nuts and pine kernels are the same thing!
Pine Nuts
Pine Nuts
Luxury Organic Pine Nuts
Himalayan Pine Nuts
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Pine Nuts

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Special Offer: Was: 12.75
Smaller, handy pack of unroasted pine nuts. Ideal for pesto and sprinkling.
Special Offer: Was: 22.95
Pine Nuts - unroasted, no added salt. Ideal for pesto and sprinkling.
Special Offer: Was: 14.75
Smaller pack of Organic pine nuts.
Special Offer: Was: 27.50
Value pack of Organic pine nuts.
Our top-of-the-range pine nuts!
Premium Sicilian-grown pine kernels
These pine nuts are from the European Stone Pine, which is actually the more authentic pine nut for European cuisine (e.g. pesto). Grown in Sicily, they have a noticeably different shape and taste, and a creamier consistency.
Quality organic pine nuts from China. These pine nuts have a full, rich flavour and a gentle crunchiness - very high quality produce.
RRP was: 15.50
Larger pack of the organic pine nuts. High quality, with a full flavour. Ideal for pesto, adding to salads or for eating as a snack.

Quick Guide to Pine Nuts

About Chilgoza, European and Korean Pine Nuts.

Pine Nut Butter


Products with Pine Nuts

Paste containing ground Pine Nuts and Basil. This is a vegetarian pesto without cheese.
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