Becoming vegan used to mean being forced to give up anything that tasted like cheese, eggs, milk and cream, but with more people adopting vegan lifestyles, more minds are working together to replicate these tastes with astonishing accuracy.

New culinary techniques, and increasing numbers of canny chefs putting their heads together and experimenting in the kitchen mean that vegan versions have been created that – whisper it – might just be better than the original thing!

Here are five of our favourites…

1) Vegan Whipped Cream (via

Take advantage of how coconut milk separates in the tin to make the most luscious whipped cream. Perfect for an array of desserts – you can even combine it with fruit powders for amazing fruit mousses!

2) Vegan Meringues (via

A few years ago, anyone who went vegan had to resign themselves to never tasting meringues again. Who’d have thought that an absolutely delicious vegan version could be made with the water from tinned chickpeas? It sounds crazy, but it works like a dream!

3) Vegan 'Scrambled Eggs' (via

This wonderful, savoury dish is made with none other than tofu and vegan staple nutritional yeast flakes as well as a few other seasonings. No hens needed! Serve with hash browns for the perfect weekend breakfast. Alternatively you can use the amazing Vegan Easy ‘Eggs’!

4) Vegan Cream Cheese (via

Cashew nuts are a vegan’s best friend! When soaked and blitzed, they reveal their versatility – check out how to make cashew milk here, and how to create the most gorgeous vegan cheesecake with them here. Why not start, though, with this wondrous cream cheese recipe? Combine with your favourite herbs for a flavour sensation!

5) Vegan Ice Cream (via

You’ll be amazed at the kitchen alchemy which turns the humble banana into the most decadent, creamy ice-cream. Simply add fruit powders for a multitude of lip-smacking flavours – or choose cacao powder, freeze-dried strawberry powder and vanilla extract to make the traditional Neapolitan triple whammy!

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