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A thick and chunky soup made with Organic Split Peas, Carrot, Celery, Garlic & Black Pepper. (Gluten Free)
Full of chunky tomato, courgette, pepper and mushroom, as well as brown rice and chickpeas. (Gluten Free)
Rich and creamy mushroom soup with leeks, onion, garlic and butter.
Rich, velvety tomato soup with juicy sun ripened tomatoes. (Gluten Free)
Nutritious winter broth with garden vegetables and barley.
Tomato, Sweet Pepper, Courgette, Onion, Sweetcorn, garlic, herbs and green chilli. (Gluten Free)
Hearty and Flavoursome soup with Lentils, Celery, Potato, Carrots, Onions and Herbs. (Gluten Free)
Packed with tomato, spinach, green bean, potato, herbs, spices and balsamic vinegar. (Gluten Free)
Chunky, filling soup with tomato, courgettes, mushrooms, red pepper, white beans, red rice, herbs and spices. (Gluten Free).
Classic Italian Tomato & Basil Soup

Traditional & warming organic soup
- Carrot instant soup delicately seasoned with herbs and spices.
- 4 sachets in a pack.

With Wakame, Kombu sea vegetables (seaweed) and Spring Onion
A rich soup with Tofu pieces and Spring Onions
Dark miso with Wakame sea vegetables (seaweed) and Spring Onions
Miso (82%), Shoyu (soy sauce), Tofu, Onion, Ginger, Spring onions, Wakame
White Miso (82%), Edamame (green soya beans), Spring onion, Shoyu (soy sauce), Wakame seaweed and Parsley
Miso (60%), Shoyu (soy sauce), Pumpkin 25%, Onion, Shallots, Celery, Spring onions, Black pepper
Three classically-flavoured miso soups in a paste, not a powder.

Dry Soup Add-ins


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Clearspring (5)
Just Wholefoods (3)
King Soba (3)
Free Easy (2)
Biona (2)
Itsu (1)
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Organic (12)
Gluten-Free (9)
Dairy-Free (14)
Vegan (18)

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