Freeze Dried Whole Grapes

Freeze-dried grapes taste completely different from raisins, and actually taste more grape-like...
Special Offer: Was: £11.75
Traditional, sun-dried grapes...


Special Offer: Was: £3.49
Special Offer: Was: £5.95
Special Offer: Was: £55.00
Large, dark Chilean raisins. Delicate sweetness. Chewy and moist.
Special Offer: Was: £6.99
Special Offer: Was: £58.00
Delicious sweet raisins coated in creamy milk chocolate.
Huge, plump Bukhara raisins. Naturally very sweet and "ripe" in flavour.
Organic, juicy raisins with a light sunflower oil coating.
Big round raisins. Very sweet with no added sugar or preservatives.
RRP was: £4.99
Plump Organic Raisins with a Coating of Raw Chocolate
Raw choc dipped raisins, dusted in cacao powder. Contains no added sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients.
Organic raisins covered in white chocolate & yoghurt.
Organic raisins coated in delicious milk chocolate.

Mixed Fruits

Bulk bag of Organic Sultanas, Organic Raisins and Organic Currants.
A mixture of organic sultanas, raisins and currants. This mixed vine fruit is juicy and ready to eat, as well as being a good basis for fruitcakes.


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Special Offer: Was: £5.25
Organic, plump sultanas with a light sunflower oil coating.


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Medium sized dried currants. Add sweetness to your recipes. Perfect for Spotted Dick!
Organic medium-sized currants from Infinity Foods, for baking, desserts and snack mixes.

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