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Organic Chickpea Flour 500g (Infinity Foods)
Piquant Flax Raw Crackers 90g (Raw Health)
Sweet Potato & Buckwheat Noodles 250g, Organic (King Soba)
Atlantic Sea Salt Crystals, Organically Approved 250g (Geo Organics)
Organic Black Rice 500g (Infinity Foods)
Organic Raisins (moistened with sunflower oil) 500g (Infinity Foods)
Red Pesto, Organic 120g (Biona)
Ultra Pads, Regular with Wings x14 (Natracare)
Organic Fair Trade Coconut Flour 500g (Tiana)
Quinoa Tricolore - Black, Red and White Organic Quinoa 500g (Biofair)
Organic Goji Berries 500g (Sussex Wholefoods)
Profusion Himalayan Rose Pink Salt - fine 500g


Mr Organic (4)
Biona (2)
Bonsan (2)
Meridian (1)


Organic (8)
Gluten-Free (4)
Dairy-Free (5)
Vegan (6)

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