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A Quick Guide to Flax Seeds

How to use our flax seeds and flax seed products.

Flax Seeds - Overview

Flax Seeds are a popular ingredient traditionally used in baking. They have become popular due to their high fibre content and as a source of omega-3.

Flax seeds can be sprinkled into many recipes including smoothies, over breakfast cereals, mixed into breads or simply eaten on their own for dietary reasons.

Flax seeds are also known as linseed.

Types of flax seed products

  Whole Flax Seeds
The most popular type of flax seed. Whole flax seeds come in two colours: golden, and brown.

  Ground Flax Seeds
Ground flax seeds have the same nutritional content as whole flax seeds, but some people find the ground flax seeds easier to digest, and therefore get more benefit from them.

  Cracked Flax Seeds
Cracked flax seeds are halfway between the whole flax seeds and ground flax seeds.

  Sprouted Flax Seeds
Sprouted Flax Seeds have been grown for a short while (typically 1-2 days) before being milled. Sprouted flax seeds are very easy to digest, and have quite a different nutritional content from regular flax seeds. You can sprout your own whole flax seeds by buying the whole flax seeds and soaking in water for 1-2 days.

  Flax Seed Oil
Flax seed oil can be drizzled into salads. It contains the omega-3 from the flax seeds.

Using Flax Seeds in a Smoothie

  Chia and Flax Smoothie
This simple smoothie shows how easy it is to whizz flax seeds into a smoothie.

Flax Seed Crackers

Flax seeds become sticky when moistened with water, and this can be used to form flax seed biscuits, crackers and flatbreads.
  Flax Pizza Bread
This recipe uses flax seeds mixed with flax and chia powders, soaked in water then formed into a flatbread.

  Flax Crackers (ready made)
You can buy these ready-made flax crackers.

Flax Seeds in Bread

  Anna's Seed and Nut Loaf
This seed and nut loaf is gluten-free and wheat-free - made with sunflower seeds as well as flax seeds, flaxseed powder and other nuts and seeds.

Other Suggestions

  Sprinkle Flax Seeds Over Cereal
Simply sprinkle flax seeds into your breakfast cereal.

  Chocolate Snack Crumble
You can mix flax seeds into any seed mix - or additionally, make this luxurious chocolate snack mix by adding cacao powder and a little maple sugar.

  No-bake granola bars (via craftsy.com)
How to use flax seeds in granola bars.

Flax Seeds Benefits

Flax seeds are high in fibre and omega-3 essential oils. They are also a good source of protein whilst being relatively low in carbohydrates.

Flax seeds are convenient to use - they can simply be sprinkled into recipes to supplement any meal.

Whole Flax Seeds - Nutritional Info

Typical Valuesper 100g
Energy471 calories
_of which Sugars2g
_of which Saturates4g

Buy Flax Seeds Online

View our flax seeds page where you can buy:
  • Whole, golden and brown flax seeds.
  • Cracked flax seeds.
  • Flax seed powder.
  • Flax seed oil.
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