Naturally-Dried Banana: 100% Pure (No Added Ingredients)

Soft and chewy. No sugar or preservatives
It's hard to convey quite how different these dried bananas are from the usual ones that one finds in muesli. Perhaps the best way to describe these is "soft and chewy and actually banana-like".
Pure banana - nothing added
Melt-in-the-mouth banana slices.
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Pure Banana Powder
Made from red bananas.

Dried Banana Chips

Our most popular dried banana.
Bulk bag of crunchy Banana slices
Lightly sweetened with a little honey. No cane sugar.
Crunchy, sweet slices of Banana
Lightly sweetened with a little honey. No cane sugar.

Other Banana Products

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Organic pear and banana puree with only 65 calories per pot.• Pack of two 100g pots.

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